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Kris De Meester on board of ‘Vessel’


Kris De Meester (director/producer of ‘Four Roses’) will be associate-producing the micro budget feature film ‘Vessel’.

'Vessel' was written by and will be directed by Adam Ciancio. It tells the story of Ash (played by Mark Diaco), a thirty something guy with a special gift. He can interface with aliens. He works for the government translating alien communication. A gift he needs to be stripped of by the end of the day or risk succumbing to its side-effects completely. This power is beginning to make him one of them - incredibly calculating, but devoid of any human emotion. He gains valuable time by ingesting prescribed sleeping inhalers which keep the symptoms at bay, but are quickly losing their effect as he grows more and more tired.
Associate Producer Kris De Meester on the project “I generally don’t like sci-fi stories. Vessel on the other hand is not really a typical sci-fi project. The character Ash can communicate with aliens, but his story is much more about a guy trying to find his place in society and the modern era. Dealing with isolation and the emptiness of being.”

Director Adam Ciancio on the story “It’s a story that I think is universal, dealing with themes of isolation in the modern era and also our place in the universe and how we are not alone. If you can imagine a sci-fi film with no effects, no explosions and no aliens, then you understand what I’m trying to achieve.”

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From the director of ‘Smothered’ (Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinema, London Independent Film Festival) comes an intriguing new short story.

From a slightly overcast sky, a man lands on an abandoned area, somewhere on the edge of nowhere.
Between the local flora he finds the woman of his dreams, but she appears to be dead.

Plankton was written and directed by Mieke Daneels and stars Lion Lamour Van der Haegen, Kika Zaza Loulou Van der Haegen, Arthur Semay, Mieke Daneels en Gert Robijns.

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